Thursday, August 07, 2008

Its always my way

I haven't posted here for so long that even those unfortunate souls who peek into this site
once in a while must have declared this blog unofficially dead.

I have been wanting to do that for quite sometime now, i mean deleting this blog.
If i was technically sound, i would have merged this with my active blog site (if that's a possible)

But i couldn't, i couldn't let memories die, as every word once published becomes a part of history. I love every line inscribed in these digital pages. Every grammatically incorrect sentence, every naive observation, and every feeble attempt to punch in humour and wit in an otherwise insipid post.

I plan to write a book someday in future, and then when its published, i shall come back to these pages. Back to the pages where i first discovered my integrity as a writer.


Krista said...

Great work.

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